Shornokishoree Network Foundation

Adolescent Health Network of Bangladesh

Our approaches

  • Shornokishoree works in three levels such as
    • a) Mass level (using TV & ICT communication),
    • b) Community Level (peer group, local mobilization, advocacy) and
    • c) Individual level (individual need based counseling
  • School based activities
  • Non-school based activities
  • Conduct Training, Seminar, Workshop, Roundtable, National Congress
  • Advocacy and mobilization of whole society to create a supportive and enabling condition for adolescent girls
  • Established coordination with NGOs, Government, Private Sector, Civil Societies and other networks
  • Use print media, social media & Shornokishoree social network
  • Use promotional activities (leaflet, brochure, festoon, Ads, banners, billboards)
  • Establish Shornokishoree health club/ committee to follow up the activities
  • Use of call centre services including mobile SMS, voice call and mobile apps etc.
  • Conduct TV talk show, advertisements, distance lecture & video conference
  • Council individual member as needed
  • Provide practical experiences on technical knowhow of the adolescent health services

SKNF Strategies to achieve the objectives:

  • Involve adolescent girls as key decision-makers in programe design, implementacion, monitoring and evaluation for achieving results
  • Provide comprehensive, accurate information to the target age group and sex
  • Address barriers to accessing health and information services
  • Empower adolescents to make life choices that are best for them
  • Use information/Services through Media and ICT

Basic Components of Shornokishoree Adolescent Health Development:

Shornokishoree creates a countrywide social network that aims to educate, promote & protect the adolescent girls on six basic components

  1. reproductive & sexual health,
  2. nutrition and dietary habits,
  3. personal health and hygiene,
  4. mental health,
  5. healthy lifestyle and
  6. age at marriage

Target Group of SKNF Adolescent Health Development

  • Adolescent girls (Age 10-19 years)
  • School going & non-schooling girls
  • Young mothers, ethnic minorities
  • Gatekeepers of adolescents- parents, community leaders, teacher and health workers
  • Adolescent health & social service providers
  • Community