Shornokishoree Network Foundation

Adolescent Health Network of Bangladesh

Shornokishoree health education TV Programs


In Bangladesh, many girls at their early adolescent period are getting married and becoming mother without any preparation and knowledge on reproductive health, sexuality, nutrition and dietary habits, personal health and hygiene which magnify their risk of malnutrition, physical and mental illness, and even death at child birth. Similarly, they are also vulnerable to STI/HIV/AIDS, pre-marital sex, sexual abuse, unwanted pregnancy, violence, coercion, delinquency, drug addiction, exploitation, deprivation, repression, abduction and trafficking. To make a comprehensive change in this sector, there is no alternative way without creating awareness among the girls and educating them as they are the future mother, so started its activities in 2012 which is a registered non-profit, non-political and social development organization.

Objectives of Shornokishoree health education TV Programs:

  • To create awareness among girls on probable health risks during the adolescent age
  • To educate girls on life-skills based healthy behavior and practices during adolescent age
  • To work for making health services "adolescent friendly"
  • To mobilize whole society to create a supportive and enabling environment for adolescent girls
  • To ensure healthy lives, knowledge and inclusion of adolescent, women and children

Shornokishoree health education TV programme activities:

  • Organize daylong gathering of 500/600 girls at school ground,
  • Conduct issue based lecture,
  • Provide booklet to study,
  • Held competitive test and
  • Selects leaders & volunteers from the school girls (the idol girl)
  • Register in girls' health network (aged 10-19) & develop a database to communicate
  • Conduct debate and open air dialogue on selected health issues
  • Girls trained herself and works as voluntary to create awareness among other girls
  • Shoots and record the entire above mentioned activities

The Shornokishoree health education TV programme telecast on Channel i TV for 30 minutes long on every Saturday 5.30 PM & Friday 12.30 PM