Shornokishoree Network Foundation

Adolescent Health Network of Bangladesh


Shornokishore Network Foundation is a registered non-profit, non-political and social development organization. It has founded by some highly educated social workers and linkages with media and community for leveraging impact on the lives of the people of Bangladesh.

Shornokishoree has started its activities voluntarily in 2012 for addressing the overwhelming health crisis of adolescent girls and young mother for saving lives in Bangladesh. It has rooted with high commitment and delivers activities as social change maker organization for addressing the issues and problems of adolescent with particular attention to adolescent girl's health of Bangladesh.

The Problem
In Bangladesh there are high maternal mortality, 194/100,000 live births, highest rates of child-marriage, over 60% of adolescents girls are married before they turned in 18. Neonatal death and child mortality rates remain also high. 80% of maternal deaths could be avoided by access to accurate and essential information and basic health services. Shorno Kishoree addresses all these barriers with accurate information and services.