Shornokishoree Network Foundation

Adolescent Health Network of Bangladesh

Shornokishoree Healthy Model Village


Create healthy model village by strengthening health and wellbeing of the villagers.

Specific objectives:

  • To build rural people socially and environmentally responsible
  • To train the villagers on healthy practices for improving quality of healthy life.
  • To Train villagers/Communities about health awareness and maintain health & hygiene of villagers
  • To develop youth leaders among Villagers to become good citizen
  • To make the village a role model for others village
  • To create volunteerism among the youth Villagers.
  • To empower poor and excluded people to demand and secure their basic rights to build equitable and just society.
  • Support to Build Institutional governance and accountability of service providers.

Main activities:

  • Awareness building on Adolescent reproductive health among the village women and girls
  • Conduct yard meeting with community people on different social issues
  • Facilitate and mobilize to repair and maintain drinking water sources
  • Observe community action day; on pre & postnatal care, child care, family planning, safe drinking water, gender, tree plantation, dowry, birth registration
  • Data base development of model village through IT set-up of youth group
  • Annual Health camp
  • Bi-monthly meeting with Villagers
  • UP level bi-monthly meeting among Health service providers, UP, Community Clinic.
  • TT vaccination for all women and girls aged 15 to 49 of the village
  • To prevent Child Marriage, dowry, Violence against women
  • To promote first child birth not before the age of 20
  • ensuring healthy sanitary napkin uses to all village girls and women's
  • To trained up the village people on proper hand-washing techniques before taking meal and after using toilets
  • To secure a more stable family environment with decent living conditions, health and sanitary conditions.
  • Climate adoptive demonstration plot selection and implementation