Shornokishoree Network Foundation

Adolescent Health Network of Bangladesh

School girls Health Club

SKNF School Girls Health Club is dedicated to promote school going girls' physical and mental health development. We have 64 school girl clubs, each in a district. Every club comprises with 21 members from five classes and constitutes under some rules and regulations and club members follow that to run the club. The club activities includes cultural programs, recreational programs, debate, essay competition, environmental cleanliness programs etc, apart from these the club works against child marriage, violence against women, eve teasing, sexual harassment and the issues fixed by club resolution.

Shornokishoree Health Club's Mission

  • To ensure healthy Adolescent Girls and Safe Motherhood
  • To ensure the rights and healthcare services to adolescent girls
  • To develop life standard of adolescent girls through increasing their life skills
  • To create an optimum environment for building a society of mutual protection and gender equality
  • To create mutual respect, friendly relation and positive attitude amongst adolescent girls
  • To create awareness on Child Marriage, Sexual Harassment, Dowry, Menstruation, Personal Cleanness, Hand Wash, etc

Shornokishoree Health Club's Vision:

To create adolescent girls as an active agent of social development and health activist in a family and society friendly environment

Shornokishoree Health Club Organization building:

The Executive Committee will be formed through selecting 4 girls from each class of standard 6 to standard 10 as below:

Shornokishoree Network Foundation and the school authority will jointly select a teacher as the Secretary of the Club, who will be responsible for constant supervision of the Club. Every other adolescent girl studying in the school will be beneficiaries of the Club activities.

SL Class No of Girls Comments
1 Standard 6 4
2 Standard 7 4
3 Standard 8 4
4 Standard 9 4
5 Standard 10 4
6 Selected Shornokishoree 1
Total 21

Members of Shornokishoree Health Club will meet regularly in every first and last Thursday of a month at the club. They will execute required tasks to full fill the mission and the vision of the club. Every girl will have to pay 20 taka for membership and 5 taka per month after getting membership of the club. Those members' fees will be saved in club's account and can be spend for the well being of the club. Each member of the club will hold a particular batch and rank. There will be a register book at the club to write down the attendance of the members in each meeting.

Advisory Committee:

Principal of the School, Chief of the School governing body, local government representative, Chief of local administration (District Commissioner, Sub-district Executive Officer), Member of Parliament belongs to the area and any interested Public Figure recommended by the Club can be included in the Advisory Committee. Parents of the club members and local celebrity persons will be the supervisor of the club.

Shornokishoree Health Club Activities:

To achieve the mission and vision of the Club, every member of the Club will participate in these activities written below:

  • To ensure Adolescent Girls' Health and Safe Motherhood, members of the club will know about Reproductive Health, Nutrition, Personal Cleanliness, Healthy Habits, Mental Health, Age of Marriage & etc and will spread the information amongst others.
  • Play various games like Carom, Ludu, Chess, Bagaduli, Football, Volleyball, Cricket, etc.
  • Participate in general Knowledge Competition, Debate Competition, Stage Play, Writing Competition, Picnic, Excursion in Educational Places, Cultural Programs, etc.
  • This Club will also be a Reading practices and members will exchange books amongst themselves.
  • Cultural activities like Dancing, Singing, Recitation, Acting, etc.
  • Newspaper Reading
  • Awareness campaign on social issues
  • Celebrate various national and international days like World Women's Day, World Health Day, World Aid's Day, National Children Day, Begum Rokeya Day, Women's Day, Martyr Day, Victory Day, Independence Day, etc.
  • Increase life skill and creating awareness on Child Marriage, Dowry, Birth Control, Gender Discrimination, Divorce, Adolescence, Drug Addiction, Woman, Violence against Woman, Natural Disaster, HIV, etc.
  • Women leadership and development.
  • On a particular day of every month a professional Physician/ Surgeon/ Psychiatrist will be there to consult with girls about their health.
  • They will discuss on after recite a particular topic from Shornokishoree Book like Sexual Harassment, Dowry, Hand Wash, Menstruation, Personal Cleanness, etc.
  • They will run their activities in collaboration with Local Administration
  • They will observe Clean Campus Day in every month and will keep clean their classroom & school premises.
  • They will note every works of the club and arrange an annual Photo exhibition on the works. One member will be rewarded on the basis of her performance.
  • In every 3 months there will be held an awareness campaign & meeting at different member's house premises.
  • The club will arrange a meeting cum cultural program in every 6 month with the presence of parents at the school premises.
  • The Club will work to establish an 'Adolescent Friendly Toilet' in its school
  • This Club will not be involved in any kind of subversive activities of Society State Law by any means.
  • This Club's works will be followed by arranging various socio-economic development related training like Tailoring, Tapestry, Embroidery, Journalism, Poultry Farming, Dairy Farming, Beauty Parlor, Boutique, Handy Craft, Vegetable Gardening, etc.

Over all, the main object of the Club is to make every Adolescent Girl as an better citizen of the country through creating a transparent and cooperative environment to ensuring healthy adolescent girls and development of their persona.