Who We Are

Shornokishore Network Foundation (named as Shornokishoree) is a registered non-profit and social change maker development organization in Bangladesh, started its journey in 2012. Initially we have focused to work with adolescent girls -Shornokishoree (Golden Girl). Later on we also worked with adolescent boys-Surjo Kishor (Empowered Sunny Boy). SKNFgradually expanded its strategic priorities and coverage throughout the country. Our creative strategies to establish secondary school based clubs, health education and classroom based training, peer education at community for non-school going adolescents, community mobilization for addressing barriers, advocacy for supporting policy, programs and utilization of ICT and TV media for reaching the millions of target population for achieving national plan and the SDGs.

SKNF has started with few districts in 8 divisions and gradually expanded its coverage to 491 upaliza of all 64 districts of Bangladesh. It has orchestrated its reputation as one of the few development & change maker organization connecting from root at community to different levels of society and highest policy level for addressing the adolescent health, development & empowerment issues in BangladeshSKNF has started with few districts in 8 divisions and gradually expanded its coverage to 491 upaliza of all 64 districts of Bangladesh. It has orchestrated its reputation as one of the few development & change maker organization connecting from root at community to different levels of society and highest policy level for addressing the adolescent health, development & empowerment issues in Bangladesh


To promote health, rights & development of the adolescent population of Bangladesh, thereby each and every adolescent will get the opportunity for healthy, responsible and independent adults.


SKNF exists to promote comprehensive adolescent health, nutrition and development in Bangladesh through providing accurate information, improvement of knowledge & practices, research, community mobilization, advocacy and partnership for sustainable impact.


In Bangladesh, many girls at their early adolescent period are getting married and becoming mother without any preparation and knowledge on reproductive health, sexuality, nutrition and dietary habits, personal health and hygiene which magnify their risk of malnutrition, physical and mental illness, and even death at child birth. Similarly, they are also vulnerable to STI/HIV/AIDS, pre-marital sex, sexual abuse, unwanted pregnancy, violence, coercion, delinquency, drug addiction, exploitation, deprivation, repression, abduction and trafficking.

Key Focus Area

  • Personal Hygiene including menstrual hygiene
  • Adolescent Reproductive & Sexual Health
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health and life style
  • Empowerment and leadership development
  • Ending child marriage & early pregnancy

Key Strategies

  • Involve Adolescents Boys and Girls through SK clubs at school and peer education atcommunity.
  • Provide comprehensive, accurate and age specific information for behavior change
  • Address barriers at school, community through sharing and exchange of information and healthy practices
  • Utilize mass media (TV media), digital media including mobile communication, social media, online platform & networks with stakeholders
  • Empowerment of adolescents through training and capacity building
  • Advocacy and mobilization for policy change and supporting programs
  • Monitoring and evaluation of activities for measuring the results
  • Reporting, documentation & publication for sharing lessons learned

Target Population

  • Adolescent boys and girls (Age 10-19 years) through Shornokishoree (Golden Girl) Surjo Kishor (Empowered Sunny Boy)
  • School going and non-schooling adolescents Community leaders, gatekeepers of adolescents, parents, Qazi (marriage register), school teachers and health & Family Planning workers
  • Community members

Healthy Lifestyle

SKNF’s Human Rights and Legal Aid Services programme is dedicated to
protecting and promoting human rights of the women and girls through
legal empowerment.
Our work is premised on a rights based approach to human development.
We have a network based communication with all the 64 Deputy
Commissioners (DC), Police Supers (SP) and Civil Surgeons of Bangladesh.

School Based Adolescent Clubs

SKNF organizes Secondary School based Adolescent Club to create awareness among the boys and girls on different issues. The club constitutes of 30 students, 6 representatives from each class, of them 40% boys and 60% girls. The clubs held at the end of the school duration for one hour in every Thursday. 30 boys & girls gather in a selected room and exercise from the given Shornokishoree book/compendium in regular basis which is followed by open discussion to secure comprehensive and accurate information on the selected topics. At the beginning of the next weekdays, the club representatives share the gained information through the classroom education. In this way, information passes from club members to all students of the schools. Basically Club members work as change maker agent in the community and at school.

Training and Capacity building

SKNF organizes batch wise training session for adolescent boys and girls especially for shornokishoree club members in Dhaka and local areas on different issues by experts. The training is followed by question answer session and interactive discussion. In the training the boys and girls learns through games, quiz and practical demonstrations. In the training the boys and girls do the group work and present accordingly.

Peer Education

SKNF organized community based peer education Uthan Boithok attending the non-school going boys and girls, parents, other stake holders in the rural community of Bangladesh. The school based club members conduct the peer group meeting following the given prescriptions. Community based mass gathering orientation meeting is followed by the peer education activities in every alternate week.

Community Mobilization and Advocacy

SKNF conduct advocacy & mobilization meeting both at local and national level for creating support in program and policy changes. Organize mass meeting at community level participating different group such as community leaders, opinion leaders, parents, local leaders, local administrators and others. Seemingly, mobilize Ministers, Parliament Member, politician, Government high official, Development Workers, Academics and Researchers to create enabling environment for the adolescent in Bangladesh.

Leadership Development

SKNF is a proven method to demonstrate and create leadership capacity among the future generation. We organize fair competition and select the representatives for training to nourish leadership. Thousands of adolescent leaders gather together once in a year which we called National convention and plan, decide activities for the next years.

Scholarship for brightest students

SKNF provides scholarship for talented but needy boys and girls for their future education through mobilizing local resources. The terms and conditions of the scholarship are upholding shornokishoree spirits in the locality and to achieve good grade continuously. Early marriage, negligence in study and misconducts are the major causes of the scholarships cancellation. Scholarships money is kept in separate bank account and is disbursed on monthly basis through bank cheque to bear the educational expenses.

Communication and Networking

SKNF design and organize seminar, workshops, roundtable discussion on adolescent boys’ and girls’ different issues regularly and broadcast through television- channel I & BTV. Design and implement communication materials like leaflet, billboard, booklet, brochure, TV programme, documentary, Radio talk, online campaign, drama and broadcast them for benefits of wider audiences.

Linkage With Media

SKNF produces and broadcast TV programme in regular basis on adolescent issues at Channel i and few in BTV & other media for reaching the millions of target population. Programmes are aired at every Saturday 5.30 pm and Friday 12.20 pm as a 30 minutes slot episode. Shornokishoree network members become connected with the TV programme and considered the telecast as their distance learning club time.

Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D) is the key aspect of SKNF for introducing new intervention and to evaluate the existing projects and programmes. There is a structural unit and expert panel to conduct research in periodic manner. We believe in baseline KAP survey before giving intervention for measuring the baseline status and determine the indicators. Similarly, final KAP survey and evaluation conducts for tracking the changes including qualitative methods (FGD, KII).  Alongside, there are routine monitoring system and monthly reporting mechanism through checklist, web base application and ICT.