Shornokishoree Network Foundation

Adolescent Health Network of Bangladesh

About Us

Shornokishoree Network Foundation (SKNF) has been established in 2012 when an overwhelming health crisis of adolescent girls and young mothers are observed in all over the Bangladesh. SKNF is a private, non-profit and voluntary organization. In the beginning, the Foundation started working only in the area of safe motherhood through adolescent reproductive health & development utilizing media as tool for reaching the millions adolescent girls. But gradually it expands with working areas and building its reputation as one of the few organization linking different levels of the society from the highest level of the government, development partners, NGOs, private sectors, civil societies and to the grass root level.

Major Focus of SKNF

  • Reproductive & Sexual Health Education
  • Personal health & Hygiene
  • Achieving Safe Motherhood
  • Nutrition & Dietary habits during adolescent period
  • Physical & Mental change during adolescent period
  • Menstrual hygiene, TT Vaccine, Age at Marriage, Gender equity etc,
  • Adolescent friendly environment at schools, hospitals, pharmacies etc,

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